Welcome to Sustainable Momentum! This page serves as my web resume, blog, and web design laboratory. I’m probably best described as a ‘transportation wonk’, though I also have a passion for many other things (science fiction, cinema, modern American fiction, new wave alternative, and dinosaurs). I’ve had the opportunity to accumulate time across the United States, having been born in California, raised in Oregon, studied in Ohio, and now slowly acclimating as a semi-recent (4+ years now) transplant to the south.

I’m currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology (aka Georgia Tech) studying environmental policy, with a specific focus on sustainable transportation. I’m fascinated by bicycle and pedestrian planning, engineering, and policy, as well as collaborative and co-productive planning and policy processes (especially in transportation).

On the pages here you’ll find examples of my academic and advocacy work, as well as my musings on various things, and a way to easily contact me.

Thanks for visiting!

-Johann Weber